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Midwives Helped Me Out

Everyone has a Birth Plan and a Birth Story. Sometimes they follow the same script and other times the birth story writes itself. My Birth Plan was set to be more of a Birth Production. I had already breastfed my son longer than most people I know would think is normal or even find appropriate. Now I wanted to blow everyone’s mind with an all-natural birth attended by midwives. This type of delivery was something I believed in and whole-heartedly supported but I knew I wouldn’t be able to convince anyone else unless I had the Birth Story to back it up. 


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Jackson, a birth story

The week after my due date was the longest week of my life.

Not because I had a new little baby to take care of, mind you.... but because I didn't. And I was done being pregnant. Maybe it was just me, but I rode a surge of excitement and preparation right up until that magical day, the 15th, when that baby was supposed to come... and then I completely spiraled. Looking back now, I have no idea why it was so depressing. Obviously I was going to have this baby, and I kept telling myself it was for the best to wait until he was ready to come. But during that week, I really did feel like he was never, ever, ever going to be born.

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My Birth Story

For anyone who has a history of abuse or trauma please read this and know that birth does not have to be another trauma you experience. It can be a very private, beautiful and healing experience; a memory you cherish and are proud of.

I hope you have a beautiful birth experience- however you choose to define that for yourself. This is long, but a real labor of love, and I hope you find it helpful.

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I was driving home from campus after my last official class of the semester when I got Janelle’s text that she had been having very mild and very infrequent contractions since about six that morning. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I immediately became aware of the sudden importance of navigating traffic and making it back home to her. I was excited but also somewhat in disbelief. For the most part we had maintained our expectations of going well beyond the due date, which was still a day away. When I got to the apartment, Janelle looked like she had been having contractions--excessively normal but with a thin, underlying awareness of something new about her body. I looked at the notepad where she had been jotting down times and was surprised to see some as close as fifteen minutes apart. We were both excited and decided to go to Whole Foods for a few groceries.

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Daisy's Birth Story

Our second baby’s due date was April 25th, 2011. We had an easy pregnancy, and had decided to have a drug-free birth at home. After my 20-week ultrasound showed that we had a healthy baby (no gender - we like the surprise!), we stopped seeing my OB/GYN and saw only my midwife, Jessica.

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