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We're changing our name, and changing our web site as well.  You can find the latest information on our new site: https://www.firstbreathbirthandwellness.com

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We are proud to participate in AABC Strong Start, a program to help give newborns a strong start on life. 


What is Strong Start?

Strong Start is a program that assists pregnant women who are receiving prenatal care at Birth and Wellness Center with learning how to lower their risk of having preterm birth. Strong Start's goal is to help a woman to have the healthiest baby possible by giving her the support, help, and knowledge to become and stay healthy during pregnancy. Our Birth Center is using the Strong Start program to track and record data about the prenatal condition of the program participants to learn more about how to prevent preterm births in the future. 

Participants in Strong Start are provided individual support from midwives and peer counselors. Managing stress, eating right, and making lifestyle changes are some of the ways the Strong Start teams focus pregnant mothers on staying healthy for the wellbeing of their babies.


Who qualifies for Strong Start FREE?

The AABC Strong Start program is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). A pregnant woman can qualify to receive Strong Start services FREE if she has Medicaid or CHIP insurance coverage for the pregnancy and is receiving prenatal care with us . We will happily help you find out if you qualify for Strong Start.


Ask us for additional information about AABC Strong Start, and visit www.strong-start.org.



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