We've changed our name...

We're changing our name, and changing our web site as well.  You can find the latest information on our new site:

First Breath Logo

Please print and fill out prior to your first appointment, or you can fill out with Adobe and email to us, then sign where necessary when you arrive.

If you have questions, we will be happy to discuss them with you at your appointment.

All forms are available in PDF format:

Adobe Reader is required to view the following forms. Install Adobe Reader


  • Informed Choice and Resposibility for Home / Birth Center

  • Informed Choice and Responsibility for Planned Hospital Birth

  • Diet Recall & Teaching (does not require signature)

  • Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Standard of Care Consent form

We offer different options to complete the necessary forms:

  1. Sign all docments electronically during your first visit.
  2. Print and sign all documents.
  3. Install Adobe Readerand create a digital signature certificate, then sign the document
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