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Jessica Henman CNM, CPM is a 2010 graduate of Frontier Nursing University, and got most of her midwifery training at a busy birth center/hospital/home birth practice in Pennsylvania. She has been married 20 years, and is mom to 3 fabulous kids. Prior to becoming a midwife, Jessica worked internationally in humanitarian aid, worked as a cardiac/ER staff nurse at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, and was a childbirth educator and doula here in St Louis. Jessica is very active in family and church life and supports the midwifery and mothering communities through her role on the Boards of the Missouri affiliate of the American College of Nurse Midwives and The Sparrows Nest Teen Maternity Home. Jessica has dreamed for many years of a place where moms and midwives could partner together for normal pregnancy and birth, and is thrilled that Birth and Wellness Center now exists to fulfill that dream.

Erin Everett, CNM is a 2016 MSN graduate from Frontier Nursing University. Erin has recently worked at St. Joseph West Hospital and Missouri Baptist Medical Center as a L&D staff RN. From a young age, Erin was inspired by her mother, who is an Obstetric RN, to advocate, support, and teach women. After starting in Labor and Delivery, Erin was driven to pursue midwifery in order to have a deeper connection with women and families, getting to know each person and rejoicing in their continuous growth as individuals. She is so amazed at the strength of women and loves to have the chance to support women in the setting of their choice with the Birth and Wellness Center. Erin and her husband have been together since they were 12 years old and have now been married for 4 years. He is an amazingly supportive husband that understands her new crazy schedule. Erin is currently working on her Doctoral degree and hopes to be done in fall of 2017.

Jeffrey Mormol, MD completed his residency at Barnes Hospital in St Louis, and has been caring for women here for over 20 years. He chose obstetrics and gynecology as specialties because he appreciated the opportunity to have a lasting relationship with his patients, and to see them through many life changes. Dr Mormol enjoys pairing cutting-edge technology with personalized care to bring women the very best that modern medicine has to offer, and sees a partnership with the midwives of Birth and Wellness Center as an extension of this philosophy. In his free time, he enjoys motorcycle riding and travel with the love of his life, Stacey.

Natalie Baker, RN has worked in the field of maternal/neonatal nursing since 1980. She started as a new grad in special care nursery in Santa Monica, CA; and eventually found her true calling as a labor and delivery nurse. She was very happy working in a hospital setting, until she assisted a CNM at a home birth in 1986. She quit hospital nursing and started her partnership with High Desert Nurse Midwives. She experienced the joy of assisting at gentle, peaceful birth until 1994, when she moved to Missouri and discovered that home birth was illegal. Natalie took a hospital position in 2003, and was most conflicted until meeting Jessica through a co-worker in 2010. She is thrilled to be working with midwives again. She has been married 33 years, has 4 adult children, the last one born at home, and three beautiful grandchildren (with more on the way!).

Robin Stull, RN has been a nurse for 14 years. She has worked in various fields of nursing including the post partum and nursery units. She has four sons, the first two born in Missouri birth centers and the second two born at home. Her natural birth experiences inspired her to direct her career towards helping other women deliver their babies in such an empowering way. Robin helps women celebrate pregnancy with henna belly painting and casting services. She also enjoys teaching belly dance for pregnant and post partum moms at the birth center.

Sarah Hall, ATC, Medical Assistant has a master’s degree in Athletic Training, and has worked in a number of settings. As a trainer in the fitness setting, she specialized in active clients who had unique orthopedic considerations. She served as a traditional Athletic Trainer at a local high school for a year, caring for and managing any injuries that occurred. Sarah remained very active during her pregnancy, and considers that one of the main reasons she enjoyed pregnancy so much. After the hospital birth of her daughter Sarah was drawn to the way the midwives and staff created relationship and cared for their patients, and was led to be a part of the birth center. Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, Piper. Her hobbies include yoga and exercise and of course pinterest crafts with her mother and friends whenever she can.

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